new garage door installation

Garage Doors You Can Trust

Any homeowner will encounter problems and garage doors can be one of those issues, if you just bought your home or have been it a long time garage doors get alot of wear and tear.  If you don’t know when your door was installed it is a good idea to have a tech come inspect it. Poorly installed doors will lead to damage  and malfunctioning; if the door stops working properly you could become stuck in your garage. When a problem like this needs to be resolved right away, the best thing to do is to contact Garage Door Pros.

Value for your money

A garage door problem arrives, you don not want  to spend hundreds of dollars on a garage door repair, then quickly hiring someone who cannot provide the quality service you need. When it comes to home repairs, garage door pros can get you the greatest value for every dollar you pay. We offer low prices and feature daily specials to give you even more money. We also have lifetime warranties available – another way we become number 1.

Professionals You Can Count On

Problems with home garage doors can be a huge inconvenience, The costs of fixing these problems can add up fast. Garage Door Pros can  assure you that the technicians who service any make or model of garage door will be of the top quality. Our experts can make sure your garage door is installed right. 24/7 Emergency services  available,  service exactly when you need it.

Professionals in Garage Doors

Garage Door Pros is a family owned company providing 20 years in professional garage door repair. We constantly work to keep our technician’s training up-to-date so they are ready to assist you with any garage door concerns. You can always expect the finest quality of service for your needs and budget. Looking for the best technicians and the best repairs for your home garage door, look no further. Call today for great results at a fraction of the cost.

A Garage Door Company That Cares

We have been passionately serving our communities and their garage doors for over 20 years. We love to give back to all the people we serve each day and we try to show it by giving back to the community with charity events and small donations to our customers’ favorite charities! There is nothing more satisfying that being positively involved in the neighborhoods that we take care of every day. At Neighborhood Garage Doors, not only is making an impact in the community important to us, but we really care about your door. Having a well kept garage door is crucial to keeping your home safe because it is a favorite entry point for burglars. Along with safety and peace of mind, having a new and well maintained garage door increases the value and curb appeal of your home. If you find a great deal on new garage doors you can actually re coup more than what it cost to have them installed. The national average for recouped cost at resale for a garage door replacement is about 93%, so when it comes time to make the decision, you need to make sure you have a company on your side that will help guide you through the investment.

No Project Too Big or Too Small

Whether it be a plain white single car garage door, or an apartment complex with 100 garage doors, no project is out of our reach! We take as much pride installing a basic garage door as we do with a custom wood door. Our technicians and installers are capable of handling any job. With our decades of experience we have run into every possible problem imaginable, so there really is nothing we haven’t seen. If you are thinking about installing garage doors in your home you can count on us to give you undivided focus to help cater to your project.

New detached single family luxury home with brick facade

Warranties That Last a Lifetime

Garage Door Pros proudly offers lifetime warranties on all new garage doors. We’ve got you covered! Every part on your door is protected by warranty, if anything happens, you never have to worry about paying for garage door parts. Our goal is to make you our customer for life. We do that by offering friendly, quality professionals and lifetime warranties on all new garage doors.

Garage Doors For All Styles

If your interested in getting a new garage door, Garage Door Pros can accommodate any design that you are looking for. Our garage door experts can walk you through ever detail of the design aspect. Garage doors come in many different styles. We can have a technician there the same day. Call today to get your perfect garage door. We work with customers on getting custom doors, wood doors, steel doors and even glass doors! There are many options to choose from and we  educate our techs to educate you on all options styles and designs, so that you can make the best buying decision. Having the right garage door is really important, it is good to have the right knowledge.

Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors are really popular in residential areas for many reasons.  Steel garage doors are low maintenance! Steel garage doors only need to be serviced twice a year. Durability is a  benefit to owning a steel garage door. A maintained steel garage door will last decades! Pricing of steel garage doors is incredibly affordable and steel doors will help the resale value of your home. Steel garage doors are great for the designer in all of us with a variety of styles to choose from. There is a steel garage door to match your own desired style. Steel doors come in any style, from flush panels,  elegant windows, and doors with a wood finish. Call today to see all the great styles of steel garage doors.